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Innovative and contemporary furniture

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« Akante, Inovative Contemporary Furniture

Akante is a creator of contemporary furniture which is both functional and accessible.
Akante designs are adapted to the lifestyles of our clients with their clever modularities and choice of materials used.

Akante’s cutting edge website www.akante.com allows both professional and retail customers discover the wide range of products available.

In just a few short years, Akante has become one of Europe’s leading contemporary furniture sources and have dis-played at the International Furniture Exposition in Cologne, the Furniture Expo of Brussels, the International “Esprit Meu-ble” expo in Paris, as well as the UK’s Birmingham Furniture Show.

Akante sells only to professional clients in Furniture and Decoration. »

Akante is based in northern France, near to all major European transit routes. Our offer guarantees :

•  Quality and customizable products
•  Competitive prices
•  Availability of stock presented in our catalogue
•  Delivery of merchandise within 10 days of receipt of order
•  Reliable and resistant packaging of furniture
•  Proximity to an Akante agent, whose presence throughout Europe guarantees top-class service Excellent after-sales service